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At Adept Technology, we have completed many successful engagements with the defence industry, government, technology, and health sector. One of our successful projects is with the Lifetime Support Authority (LSA). The LSA delivers Lifetime Support Scheme (LSS) and funds necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support for people who sustain severe injuries in a motor vehicle accident. Our goal was to evaluate LSA’s existing case management platform and deliver recommendations and an implementation strategy for a new platform that will meet their needs. 

The LSA has a Salesforce-based case management solution (SALSA), a modified version of a custom-built case management solution. However, their business operations have matured and undergone customisation. So, the Salesforce had become expensive to maintain. We discovered that LSA needed to evaluate a case management platform that is up to date with new technology. 

We conducted a solution option overview to assess three options, including;

  • Transition SALSA to an upgraded Salesforce platform.
  • Build a new solution using the Salesforce platform.
  • Utilise one or more non-Salesforce market-based solutions.

Our team also reviewed solutions used by similar schemes operating in other States and Territories. We assessed the existing system, the LSA’s business processes and the functional requirements that had already been collated. This enabled us to create a subset of conditions on which each solution option was assessed to determine their suitability.

The outcome was a comprehensive solution option and recommendation report that detailed investigations into the Salesforce platform and App exchange products, alongside other third-party vendor solutions. We made an implementation strategy and delivered it to assist the LSA in the next steps of their system acquisition and implementation.

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