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Saab Australia

An industry-leading systems provider and capability integrator for defence, civil and security projects world-wide, we have been developing and delivering proven capability for over 32 years. Saab strives to provide high-technology solutions to a range of domains and industries.


Head Office Sweden
Industry Defence, Space
Company Size 900+ employees – Adelaide


Saab Australia
Engineering review


Saab is seeking to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and reliability of the planning and delivery processes surrounding the Maritime Division Hardware Group.


Saab therefore wishes to engage an external, independent consulting company to perform a gap analysis, working with the Hardware Group and  relevant stakeholders


A comprehensive review was undertaken, and recommendations were made to enable the group to achieve its desired future state.


These encompassed organisational structure, succession, scaleability
for growth, actual performance and perceived performance. 


In three years, most recommendations have been implemented while the group has grown five-fold both due to general company growth and the capability the Hardware Group has been able to demonstrate.


Enabled Hardware & Technical Product Group in general to consistently deliver high quality outcomes on time and on budget both now and under future growth. 

This put them in a position where they can continue to improve and grow as the Hardware Product Group. The hardware product group has earned a reputation for getting things done and consistently and reliably delivering high quality results.


Adept (Rob Silva) interviewed all major stakeholders
within the scope of the comprehensive review/gap analysis of the Hardware Engineering Group within Saab Australia. All responses were collated, filtered,
structured and augmented with Rob’s expertise and experience, which formed a solid action plan that we worked on over the next 12-24 months. The outcome of
the action plan positioned us exceptionally well to continue growing and performing above expectations. We are now requesting a follow-up review to leverage
Adept’s expertise yet again for an operational and organisational health check to enable the next phase of our growth.

John Cartwright, Head of Product – Hardware

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