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             “The strength of the team is each member.

                       The strength of each member is the team.”

Phil Jackson

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Jade Philippe

Jade Philippe

General Manager

about Jade...

Industry experience: Health, Finance, Technology, Professional Services and Media

Role: General Manager

As Adept’s General Manager, Jade has extensive experience leading operational and customer driven teams. An experienced consultant in the Technology and Digital space, Jade has previously run his own business and is a published author on driving sales in the health industry. His previous engagements include providing professional services at Hudson, RDNS and News Corp.

Jade’s strengths lie in being an engaging, open and upfront consultant in technology driven projects. He has previously held overall responsibility for performance in organisations of over 600 staff, and has led project teams with 10 individual brands and resources and marketing budgets on state and national campaigns. As General Manager, Jade works with Adept’s partners to ensure the successful implementation of technology initiatives, collaborating with organisations to define and achieve business goals.

Jade is energised by seeing partners and clients continue a path of sustainable, self-propelled success.

Rohan Bishop

Rohan Bishop

Business Development Executive

about Rohan...

Industry experience: Software Development

Role: Business Development Executive

Rohan is a senior IT professional with nearly 30 years of experience across a range of roles and industries. As Adept’s Business Development Executive, Rohan acts as a conduit to bring together the client’s needs and the consultant’s expertise, working at the top level to make sure the right people get matched up to the right projects. He excels at driving collaborations that generate tangible business benefits, positively impacting business operations and performance.

Rohan’s extensive history with local businesses gives him an in-depth understanding of the problems South Australian companies face, and his wide network of contacts allows him to find the right people at the right time to promote mutually beneficial collaborations.

An active contributor to the South Australian IT Industry through the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), Rohan has made it his personal mission to ensure that South Australian businesses benefit from the rapid advancement of technology.

Ian Gray

Ian Gray


about Ian...

Industry experience: Defence, Finance, Government, Healthcare, Agribusiness

Consulting specialties: Project and Operations Management, Vendor Management and Procurement, Systems Engineering and Transformation

Ian is a leader who specialises in Project and Operations Management.  His experience spans industries including defence, finance, government and agribusiness, and he’s no stranger to taking the helm of multi-million dollar projects. His consulting expertise includes software development management, large systems engineering, product roadmaps, vendor management, R&D and safety critical systems.

Throughout his career Ian has demonstrated exceptional strategic planning resulting in successful project delivery outcomes for his clients. He understands the importance of applying the right technology and processes to a project, providing stability and maximising the likelihood of achieving business goals. His achievements include the successful management of a $1.8M Federal Government Grant application and resulting project, leading a 14 month Critical Design Review for a major Australian Defence contractor, and stepping in to take a major non-compliant project through breach of agreement and contractual closure to curtail further overruns and exposure.

Ian is an asset to any company reviewing their technology road map, business processes, undergoing rapid expansion or struggling with project delivery. Not afraid of speaking the hard truths, Ian excels in recovering projects in difficulty.

Dave Hale

Dave Hale


about Dave...

Industry experienceTransport, Energy, Financial services & Banking, Health, Aged Care, State Government

Consulting specialties: Project management, Program management, Service delivery management, Agile/Scrum framework

Dave is an experienced and delivery focussed Project and Program Manager. His consulting expertise encompasses Project Management, Program Management and Service Delivery Management in addition to being a certified Scrum Master.

During his time at Adept, Dave has been involved in several large scale projects with organisations including the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC), the New Royal Adelaide Hospital and Santos. At Santos, he was responsible for managing the implementation of a document management system across the organisation. At the ARTC he was responsible for managing multiple key IT projects within the Commercial and Customer Service group over a period of 2 years, incorporating project management, testing and implementation. He also backfilled the Manager position of the ARTC Technology and Systems department, building positive relationships between the team and other groups within the organisation. At the New Royal Adelaide Hospital, he was responsible for the application failover and performance testing of the critical IT infrastructure and systems allowing technical readiness to be achieved.

Dave excels in his ability to lead a team, forging positive relationships to pull people and resources together to deliver the desired project outcomes.

Andrew Murphy

Andrew Murphy


about Andrew...

Industry experience: Telecommunications, Emergency Services, Utilities, Higher Education, Government

Consulting specialties: Project and Program Management, Test Management, Performance Testing, Business Analysis, Vendor Management

Andrew is an experienced Project and Program Manager with a background in Business Analysis, Software Testing and Operations Management. He has successfully lead large international development teams, delivering results through a hands-on mix of technical, managerial and leadership skills.

Andrew’s previous achievements include the successful delivery of the Mobile Message Switching Solution for Motorola’s Hong Kong Police project. Inheriting a troubled project and a team of 50 software developers spread across three countries, he was able to turn the project around through a strong focus on improved testing and defect management and open and transparent communication with all stakeholders.

An excellent communicator, Andrew is a hands-on manager comfortable working at all levels within an organisation.

Harish Rao

Harish Rao


about Harish...

Industry experience: Professional Software Services, Healthcare, IT engineering, Insurance, Telecommunications

Consulting specialities: Project Management, Software Engineering/Team Leadership, Agile Coaching/Scrum Master

Harish is a seasoned IT professional with experience across roles including offshore and blended software development and testing. Throughout his career he has worked in industries including IT engineering, finance, insurance and healthcare, cultivating expertise that spans a range of technologies, methodologies and processes in both development and management environments.

Harish is well versed in building applications incorporating a variety of platforms (Mobile, Web, Client Server) and architectures (SaaS, PaaS, SOA and Cloud). He is a certified PMP®, PMI-ACP® and ITIL-Foundation practicioner. His technical skills include fluency in multiple programming languages, experience in database management and an in-depth knowledge of the Atlassian tool set.

Harish is very customer focused and thrives on leading and motivating high performance teams. He has the proven ability to strategise, communicate and execute projects to deliver on business objectives.

Paul Phillips

Paul Phillips


about Paul...

Industry experience: Defence, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Health, Aviation

Consulting specialties: Technical Project Management, Team Leadership, Operations and Supply Chain, Budget Development and Tracking, Vendor Management

Paul is an experienced technical project manager with background delivering cutting edge electronics and software products to market. He has a detailed understanding of engineering design and manufacture with extensive personnel and technical management experience.

Paul’s career highlights include 15 years’ software development for large scale projects in the defence sector. He has experience with the full product development lifecycle and has assisted organisations in gaining and maintaining ISO9001 accreditation. His achievements also include multiple successful process transformation initiatives, providing technical leadership and coaching to improve Agile Scrum implementation.

An experienced consultant who isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions, Paul has the leadership skills and technical ability to help businesses achieve their goals.

Martin Gregory

Martin Gregory


about Martin...

Industry experience: Telecommunication, Automotive, Aviation

Consulting specialties: Project Management, Product Management, Software Engineering

Martin’s background lies in the management of technology development. He is experienced in both in-house and contract product development, and has a proven ability to manage service delivery, development teams and the development process. Martin’s experience spans a wide range of technologies and methodologies in both hardware and software product development environments, including general Software Engineering, Mobile App Development, Full Stack Web Development, Telecoms Networking, Embedded Software Development, and Embedded Hardware Design and System on Chip (SOC) design.

Along with his extensive experience in Agile software development and software engineering, one of Martin’s key strengths lies in his ability to comprehend and communicate complex technical and business issues at all levels. The combination of communication skills, strong technical ability and management background have equipped Martin to add value to any business involved in product or technology development.

Nigel Hall

Nigel Hall

Co-founder, Non-Executive Director

about Nigel...

Industry experience: IT/ICT Engineering and Electronics, Telecommunications, Logistics and Transport

Roles: CEO, Business Development Executive, Board Chair, Business Coach, Mentor

Co-founder and former CEO of Adept Technology, Nigel is a board director and entrepreneur with an extensive background in engineering, software development, IT project management and technological innovation. Working with senior management teams, executives, owners and boards, Nigel has a high level of business expertise accompanied by a pragmatic and results-oriented approach to maximising business performance.

Co-creator of the Impact Awards and former chairman of the Technology Industry Association, Nigel has taken on roles that range from the management of large, multi-site engineering and development teams to successfully leading association mergers and board transformations.

Nigel’s trademark is his passionate commitment to continuous improvement, and he can be relied upon to bring a pragmatic and results-oriented approach to maximising business performance, always working with a focus on people and governance.

Rob Silva

Rob Silva

Co-founder, Non-Executive Director

about Rob...

Industry experience: Manufacturing, Communications, Health and Community Care, Professional Services

Consulting specialities: Governance, Project Management, Project Management

Co-founder and Chairman of Adept Technology, Rob knows how to work with senior management. His background includes a diverse range of consulting, executive and advisory roles for largescale organisations including the Attorney General’s Department, the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC), Codan and ElectraNet. He has also acted as interim General Manager at Direct Care Australia, and is a former Chairman of the Down Syndrome Society of South Australia.

Rob’s strength lies in his ability to rapidly assess a complex business environment to determine what changes are needed and how they can be achieved. He favours a strategic, results-oriented approach and maximises business performance through good judgement and quick decision making.

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