Frequently Asked Questions

We operate in defence, government, and health sectors. We are primarily focussed on improving technology outcomes for our clients.

We provide digital solution services by way of consulting and delivery. We collaborate in Strategy , Business Analysis, Agile Assessment, Change Management and Training. We provide digital solutions and deliver projects, develop capability internally to leave you with a legacy of sustained improvement. We also provide Jira Service Management.

We do not create software, we choose to partner with organisations that meet specific needs in the market, where we have seen the product in action that has met the needs of our clients.

  • Our leadership decreases the risk and maximises the success of technology initiatives.
  • We take responsibility for achieving excellent results – personally and corporately.
  • We collaboratively & respectfully tell it like it is, providing frank and fearless advice.
  • We are a safe pair of hands for our clients’ important technology initiatives.
  • We leave a legacy of a great experience and sustained improvement.

We take the project on and own it as someone invested in the outcome. We work with clients to ensure we are meeting expectations in a timely manner. Our numerous successful engagements are testament to this type of success.

We do with select clients where the engagements make sense provide ongoing support in several ways. It often looks like mentoring and coaching as we uplift the internal capabilities of an organisation. One such example with Optimatics

You can send your requests to our contact us page and we can provide a quote if it sits within our service delivery model.

We work with you uncovering the overall needs of the business. Where the business goals are leading the technology roadmap. We ensure what we are doing adds into the company strategy and direction. Where that is not visible, we do workshops to uncover the main needs for an organisation in order to ensure our approach is meeting the overall strategic direction of the organisation.

More than half of all technology projects fail. Depending on where you source your statistics it is often a much larger number, where a project has not seen any tangible business benefit. We exist so that our clients avoid the pain and expense of poorly run or misaligned technology projects. By following the right process, listening to needs and wants, we focus on the right solution that meets the needs whilst being flexible enough to adapt to future possibilities.

We have a range of options available, and we can operate at short notice with varying level of effort. We aim to deliver what you need in a flexible manner. We can provide interim management and short-term support or full time leadership. Feel free to contact us.

We increase our capabilities by partnering with trusted organisations and products including;

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