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Coopers Brewery

Coopers Brewery Ltd. is Australia’s largest wholly Australian-owned brewery. The organisation celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2012, and is still run by the descendants of the original founder Thomas Cooper.

Coopers Brewery is based in Regency Park, South Australia, and in addition to holding over 5% of the Australian beer market is also the world’s largest producer of homebrewing equipment.


Asset and knowledge management solution


To reduce risk and improve internal workflows and asset management by implementing a Jira service management and confluence knowledge management solution.


In July 2020, the West End Brewery was forced to temporarily shut down production in response to a targeted cyberattack. While Coopers Brewery was not directly affected by the attack, the incident prompted them to review their own security systems and take the initiative to defend themselves against the possibility of future cyberattacks.

The Coopers ICT team put together a plan to introduce a greater level of control over assets, incidents, changes and problem reporting, reducing the company’s risk and improving internal workflows and asset management. To help them deliver on this plan Coopers engaged Adept to plan and guide the implementation of a Jira service management and confluence knowledge management solution.


Adept began the engagement by conducting a workshop with the Coopers IT team to capture the required workflows and outcomes. Once the current landscape of issue management, asset and knowledge management was clarified and the ideal end state outlined, Adept developed an Operational Concept Document.

The document defined the new ICT support and configuration management processes and identified the appropriate asset management addons to Jira Service Management. The Operational Concept Document was approved, and Adept went on to implement and configure the new Jira, Confluence and Asset management deployments.

A Project Champion was nominated from the Coopers IT team, and they were walked through the configuration to increase familiarity and ensure the setup would mesh with the teams work styles. Adept maintained regular contact with the Coopers team, providing assistance and ensuring a smooth, easy-to-use outcome from the new systems.


Coopers have successfully transitioned to the new system and actively manage issues using the tool, providing significantly improved efficiency over the old system. Better visualisation of effort spent in each category has helped them validate trends and manage capacity.

The new asset management system is successfully recording assets and their warranties, improving workflows and providing confidence that all assets are accurately tracked.

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