AI Service Offerings

At Adept Technology,

As a seasoned Tech Strategist, Dennis brings a wealth of expertise in integrating AI across critical sectors such as Defence, Supply Chains, Rostering, Training, and Facilities Management.

  • Developed AI solutions in Defence, Supply chains, Rostering, Training and Facilities management.
  • Expertise in AI Policy, Procedure, and Governance.
  • Significant experience in optimising processes.
  • Deep dives into domain problems to customise AI solutions.
  • Co-founder Software Risk – Risk management as a service incorporating IoT and AI to improve processes and service delivery.

At Adept Technology,

Experience the future with Niko K.’s Machine and Deep Learning solutions, optimizing processes and driving innovation across industries

  • Machine Learning Engineering: Specializing in optimizing production processes and quality control through machine learning techniques.
  • Deep Learning Expertise: Developing cutting-edge solutions for complex challenges like computer vision and natural language processing.
  • Cross-Industry Experience: Extensive hands-on experience across diverse sectors, ensuring tailored solutions that align with specific industry requirements and goals.
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