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Primary Industries & Regions (PIRSA)

Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA) is a key economic development agency, with a crucial role in ensuring the prosperity of South Australia’s primary industries and regions.


Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA) is a key economic development agency in the government of South Australia. Their biosecurity division manages risks posed by animal and plant pests, diseases, food borne illnesses and misuse of rural chemicals. 

PIRSA’s ‘One Biosecurity – Animal Health’ project was initiated to combine multiple animal disease management programs into a single platform, allowing producers to demonstrate good biosecurity practices and informing livestock purchasing decisions. The program received widespread support from key stakeholder, supports future external audits and meets the biosecurity requirements of existing and emerging free trade agreements. 

Adept were asked to provide Project Management services to ensure successful delivery of the web portal.


Adept established a hybrid agile methodology to accommodate the contractual obligations and preferred working practices of all parties involved. The Adept Project Manager met with the key sponsors and stakeholders early in the assignment to understand the critical success factors, perceived risks, timelines and budget.

Once Adept had assessed all aspects of the project the Project Manager moved into project delivery mode to plan, design, develop and test the One Biosecurity Internet Service Portal. The Product Owner Role was identified early and filled by the PIRSA subject matter expert.

Regular reviews and demonstrations were used to explore capability and discuss available options and solutions for the developers to implement.


Driven by good governance, early and frequent demonstrations, and continuous improvement Adept were able to take the project team on a journey that culminated in the delivery the One Biosecurity Web Portal for PIRSA on schedule and within 1% variance to budget.

“I listened with interest to Emma’s feedback this morning about the field meetings and have just had a glowing report from Ian Sanderson as well. And the portal build is going well, and agents are open and listening….it’s all going really well and it’s all due to your unflagging efforts. Having a team like you guys on the job just makes miracles happen. So from me, the cause of all your current troubles, a big thank you!”

Roger Paskin, Chief Veterinary Officer – PIRSA

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