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Agile Transformation


Courts Administration Authority

The Courts Administration Authority manages the administrative facilities and services required by State courts to carry out their judicial functions. Participating courts of the Authority are the Supreme Court, District Court, Magistrates Court, Youth Court, Environment, Resources and Development Court and Coroner’s Court.


Agile Mentoring


To guide the ECMS team through the adoption of an “Agile like” project approach, reducing risk and providing support as the new methodologies are adopted.


The Courts Administration Authority (CAA) are in the process of replacing their ageing mainframe with a modern Electronic Court Management System (ECMS).

The first two phases of the project – Probate and Civil – utilised the waterfall project delivery methodology. In the judicial environment, this proved extremely challenging to the timeframe and budget, with issues such as late requirement changes and additions. To reduce the risk of these issues recurring in final Criminal Phase of the ECMS project, the CAA engaged Adept to provide assistance that saw a pivot to a hybrid-Agile methodology.


Adept conducted a detailed review of the requirements of the Criminal Phase of the ECMS project and worked with team to prepare an implementation plan and assessed their readiness to move to Agile methodologies. Training was delivered to each of the six sprint teams in multiple sessions, timed to coincide with the team’s progress to ensure that the lessons learned could be immediately put into practice and maximise the benefit the project.

Adept oversaw the teams progress throughout the training period and provided additional support and ad-hoc guidance when required. As the teams matured, direct involvement was reduced as the teams demonstrated the effective incorporation of Agile methodologies into their day-to-day process.


With Adept’s training and guidance, the ECMS team developed and implemented a successful hybrid-agile approach. This saw Adept gradually transition to a mentoring role, providing support on specific challenges that the ECMS team faced. The Criminal stage of the ECMS implementation is still ongoing, with the new approach expected to result in significantly less challenges.

“Adept’s consultant Ian Gray was instrumental in supporting, mentoring & training the ECMS team in its transition to Agile. This has set us up for success in this crucial phase of the project. Ian’s pragmatic – rather than dogmatic – views on Agile eased the pain of the transition; an approach that sat well with the team and key stakeholders. His inclusive style and his ability to communicate at all levels is a testament to his and Adept’s capability.”

David Connoley, Executive Director

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