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Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC)

The ARTC is one of Australia’s largest rail network owners, operating and managing over 8,500 kilometres of standard gauge track across Australia. They play a critical role in the transport supply chain and the overall economic development of Australia


Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) manages over 8500 km of rail network. Their aging ‘wayside network’ equipment monitors the condition of tracks and trains using track-side technology to measure wheel impact, vibrations, heat and noise. As a result, major incidents have been drastically reduced.

As this equipment was reaching end-of-life, ARTC wanted to update and increase network coverage to further improve safety. A program of installing new sensor units was planned, including necessary civil engineering and upgrading of IT infrastructure.

ARTC had recruited a graduate as a junior project manager but lacked the full capacity to deliver the project. Adept was asked to develop a robust business case for Board approval and to mentor the junior project manager to initiate the multi-million dollar program.


Adept was commissioned to develop and validate the business case with input and buy-in from key stakeholders. Working with the junior project manager enabled Adept to minimise the consulting hours required whilst introducing the new graduate to the processes involved in this complex process.

Following approval of the business case, Adept’s role was extended to the role of senior project manager for the first stages of the three-year program. Mentoring the junior project manager throughout the initial stages of the project offered a value for money outcome and provided a contingency should this newly appointed post fail to deliver to ARTCs expectations.


Adept successfully managed the first installation of a track-side wheel-impact sensor. After six months of mentoring, ARTC handed over full control to the junior project manager. Adept exited the project with three further installations in advanced stages and with the project running smoothly. ARTC now had complete confidence in the future delivery of this program.

I look forward to continuing to work with you over this year. The Interstate Commercial & Customer Service team look to deliver some great outcomes for ARTC and its customers over the coming year. Your support to do this, in my book, will be critical to the success of the projects we have on the go.

Jackie Lawrence, Manager Commercial & Contractual Engagement – ARTC

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