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Optimatics is the world-leading provider of infrastructure planning software that enables water and wastewater utilities around the globe to avoid billions of dollars in costs while ensuring optimal performance.


Professional Mentoring


Support and mentor the VP of Engineering during a critical period of expansion.


Optimatics is a world-leading provider of infrastructure planning software. Following strong business growth and a positive trajectory for future business, Optimatics made the decision to expand their engineering team beyond Adelaide and into Chicago and Paris.

The VP of Engineering was charged with the responsibility of maintaining “business as usual” operations while simultaneously managing the future direction of the company’s globally distributed engineering team. Well aware of the extensive technical and organisational challenges, Optimatics sought to provide support to their VP of Engineering in order to maximise the likelihood of a successful delivery and reduce the chances of burnout.

Optimatics engaged Adept to provide their VP with a structured professional mentoring program that would support him through the critical twelve months as the engineering team grew into an international team.


Adept crafted a professional mentoring program that blended the discipline of a regular, structured regimen of mentoring with a flexible and responsive ad-hoc support system. After working with the VP to develop a mentoring charter that specifically addressed the goals of the role and formally define “what good looks like”, an Adept consultant conducted fortnightly mentoring sessions focussed on providing the VP with the tools needed to perform at the required level.

The Adept mentor was available to the VP outside of the regular sessions to respond to questions and issues as they arose, and kept the discussion active and relevant through questions and scenarios for the VP to consider between the structured mentoring sessions. Other Adept consultants were brought in as needed to provide their specialised expertise in specific areas.


Through the professional support of an experienced mentor, the VP of Engineering gained the confidence and technical ability to successfully establish and lead a cohesive international development team.

“Optimatics engaged Adept’s mentoring service during a time where we were growing and establishing teams in multiple geographies. The tailored package put together by Adept provided the support our senior tech leadership required to navigate our rapid growth. The level of experience and professionalism of Adept’s mentors is fantastic. Company management were extremely happy with the mentoring program and its impact at an individual level and by example on our overall company culture. We are confident that our senior tech leadership are realising their potential and have decided to expose the next level of tech leadership to the mentoring program.”

David McIver, Chief Technology Officer – Optimatics

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