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Myriota provides low cost, low power Internet-of-Things (IoT) connectivity without the need for ground based infrastructure, thereby enabling remote monitoring applications.


Head Office Adelaide, SA
Industry Space
Company Size 11-50 employees




Myriota – a young company with a big vision to connect the world using their low-power transmitters – were securing investment capital and preparing for a period of rapid uptake and high growth. The executive team quickly realised that the current software engineering and business management processes were unlikely to scale to support the forecasted growth. Moving forward, decisions would need to be data-driven to empower the leadership team to focus on more strategic activities. Adept performed a detailed audit of the company’s core processes to assess their scalability and suitability for use within a larger team.


The audit was carried out across a development cycle (sprint) and involved Adept interviewing staff about their responsibilities and the software development processes they use. Detailed discussions with the leadership team took place to review the needs of the company, their vision and strategy. Adept worked as an observer and participated in engineering meetings, planning and retrospectives to ensure all formal and informal processes were covered. Drawing on its extensive experience in technology company management and best-in-class processes, Adept provided recommendations for short and long-term improvements that would help Myriota and its leadership achieve its vision.

Myriota immediately implemented many of the final recommendations, improving the efficiency of their existing operations and thus preparing themselves for the future. Other longer-term recommendations were kept “on ice”, for when Myriota grows sufficiently to warrant their implementation.

“Development evolves very rapidly at Myriota and we are continuously improving. Adept cast a valuable independent eye over our processes, assisting us to refine them now and for future growth.”

David Haley, Chief Technology Officer – Myriota

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