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Mobile Technologies International (MTI)

MTI are industry leaders in advanced taxi dispatch and booking technology. It’s solutions are used throughout America, Canada, Finland, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Ireland.


MTI develops and maintains a range of software dispatch and booking products which are customised for different markets and customers. The software is critical to these customers’ businesses, so any downtime represents a significant loss of revenue and reputation. This creates a complex challenge for software development teams when juggling priorities which include product development for several different customers, development of new features and bug fixes.

While highly skilled, the software teams were struggling to keep on top of these competing priorities using ad-hoc development processes and an outdated task tracking tool. MTI asked Adept to help deliver a change management program focussed on team structures, processes and responsibilities and to share industry best practice across the business.


Working together, MTI and Adept structured the project in two stages. Stage one focussed on the installation and configuration of Atlassian’s Jira project management tool, and then migrating tickets from the teams’ existing tool-set into Jira. MTI took this opportunity to improve its development and customer service workflows and integrate these into the new platform, implementing further automation in its processes.

Stage two focused on training the teams in the agile Scrum development framework and then managing the change that this would entail. Adept presented a series of training sessions on-site with MTI, and then adopted a hands-on approach to setting up team roles and tools for Scrum and overseeing the first two sprint cycles.


Adept helped manage all the complex elements of the transition allowing the change-over to Jira to happen seamlessly over a weekend. Using best practice tools has made it easier to hire new staff with experience in the tool sets. As a consequence, MTI’s development processes were improved in readiness for the transition to Scrum.


Scrum has proved immediately beneficial with a marked improvement in motivation and a sense of ownership from the software teams. The project has enabled teams to be better organised with clear delineation of responsibilities and a reduction in stress levels throughout the organisation.

MTI are a fast-moving global supplier of Dispatch Systems to the transport industry, and to maintain leadership in such a competitive market, we need to continually update and streamline our development processes. Adept has been an invaluable partner in the pursuit of these goals, providing exceptional data management, workflow definition, and training capabilities, allowing our teams to grow and work using the latest methodologies and tools.

Paul O’Donoghue, Chief Technology Officer – MTI

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