Agile Transformation



MaxMine has been using big data to identify and implement major improvements for blue-chip companies in vehicle fault diagnosis, automotive manufacturing, pulp and paper, oil and gas for over 20 years.


MaxMine flagship product ‘MaxMine’ is an automated business improvement tool for the mining industry which is able to provide comprehensive and customisable performance analysis through a platform that delivers more accurate insights.

The popularity of MaxMine has enabled the business to grow quickly in response to demand, but managing business objectives whilst continually developing a successful product was a challenge. The size of the development team needed to triple in size to achieve this, whilst the organisation needed to transition from a project-centric to a multi-client product-centric structure, all during a period of considerable growth.


Adept was engaged to help MaxMine identify the most appropriate development methodology to take their delivery capability to levels not previously experienced in the mining industry. MaxMine would be able to confidently and efficiently deliver and implement, fully tested releases that were closely aligned to the product roadmap.

A detailed review of business operations was carried out through interviews, workshops, and inspection of key artifacts and activities. This helped Adept to understand the firm’s current practices, to identify new business objectives, and to understand the challenges facing the development team.

As a result, key result areas could be benchmarked and a set of clear recommendations were defined to support the transition to becoming a business with mature software development capabilities and clear supporting processes.


Adept embedded the capabilities required to handle continuous client requests for new features, whilst also enabling the management team to remain focused on the firm’s own objectives. The management team is now able to prioritise improvement opportunities based on high-return-for-effort, enabling Maxmine to make effective strategic decisions.

MaxMine faced a critical point of growth; scaling our number clients, increasing our product scope and tripling our development team size which significantly increased the complexity of our operations. Despite our best planning we knew that we were likely missing some key elements. The team from Adept were able to quickly confirm a raft of issues we knew and pinpoint a few which weren’t obvious. The report contained clear and concise recommendations which we were able to integrate to our business as usual operations.

Ben Chartier, Head of Product Development – MaxMine

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