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Lumary is a technology company focussing on the delivery of innovative solutions for Aged Care and Disability organisations in Australia.


Lumary produces high quality software but of course faces the usual challenges of managing software quality whilst delivering products on time and on budget.  Products need to meet and exceed customer expectations, as do the processes required to create the product.

The business was finding it increasingly difficult to plan and execute new projects because demand and customer numbers were growing quickly and, whilst the team was also growing, it was also more geographically distributed. This meant that coordination was taking more effort. Lumary urgently needed to take control of the situation and asked Adept to review their software development processes.


Adept conducted a comprehensive review of Lumary’s software development processes and capability, with two objectives:

  • To assess the ability of the product development team to deliver defined features in a predictable way to an inflexible time schedule, while continuing to make progress on core technology development
  • To assess the effectiveness of the existing team structure to deliver these requirements Adept conducted interviews with staff across all levels of the business to determine challenges, risks and current strengths, reviewed product and project artefacts and observed the team during key development events over the period of the audit.

A report was then developed that summarised our findings, making specific and actionable recommendations for Lumary.


Clear and detailed independent recommendations meant that Lumary had a blueprint for addressing issues before they impacted further on business.  Improvement opportunities with a high return for effort were identified in the report and the Lumary started work to address these as a priority.

As a rapidly growing business we were facing serious challenges with scaling our development team and processes to meet customer demands. Adept were quick to understand our problems and put together a team to fully review our development processes. The recommendations in the final report are clear, well articulated and will help us get on the right track.

Matthew English, Chief Technology Officer – Lumary

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