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Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC)

The ARTC is one of Australia’s largest rail network owners, operating and managing over 8,500 kilometres of standard gauge track across Australia. They play a critical role in the transport supply chain and the overall economic development of Australia


Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) had recently undergone a major transition programme which had devolved responsibility for systems and application based
projects to individual business units within the organisation.

The Commercial and Customer Service business unit had a number of systems and application based projects to deliver and required support to achieve this effectively. These projects included:

  • Building and deploying an upgrade of the train running information system
  • Deploying an electronic train path ordering system
  • Delivering a customer facing information portal
  • Developing a business case to replace and deliver ARTC’s ageing trackside monitoring equipment network
  • Building and deploying an integrated train path ordering system
  • Upgrading and deploying a train location system for electronic time recording.

Each of these projects required a tailored approach to deliver the results required by the client. The customer portal project began with assisting ARTC to define their initial high-level requirements and then the more focussed needs of the
project including vendor selection and management, testing, training and implementation.

Projects that moved ARTC from paper-based systems to electronic interfacing required design reviews, business process reengineering, change management and stakeholder management. These projects included upgraded systems and,
therefore, necessitated strong vendor management skills with an increased focus on deployment and implementation.

Working with ARTC staff, external customers and system vendors required Adept to develop strong relationships between all these stakeholders, to create working parties as required and to work across the organisation with transparency and clear communication.


Adept provided a multifaceted approach to bring all parties together to achieve the necessary results. By ensuring no stone remained unturned, projects were delivered without major issues. Adept advised and delivered on areas of the project outside of standard project management services ensuring a complete and successful delivery.

Thank you for the great work that you have done supporting the Interstate Commercial & Customer Service team over the last year or so… Key to your very successful and much appreciated contribution to our team is: You deliver on your promises, Flexibility, flipping from task to task, managing the changing demands and priorities, Ability to pull together a team and engage them in the process, The respect that you show to the people around you….

Jackie Lawrence, Manager Commercial & Contractual Engagement – ARTC

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