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Anglican Diocese of Adelaide

Founded in 1847, the Anglican Diocese of Adelaide consists of over 90 churches and 11 schools across 65 parishes. The Diocese provides support to parishes and related Anglican entities providing places for worship, outreach programmes and pastoral care to those in need. The Diocese also delivers education and professional development to clergy and church workers.


Interim ICT Management


To provide immediate Interim IT Management support existing systems maintain forward momentum, and to deliver IT Strategy and Planning recommendations so the Diocese can maintain an effective IT capability going forward.


The Anglican Diocese of Adelaide is a large, complex organisation with a wide range of IT requirements. Following the departure of a key team member, the Diocese needed someone to manage their IT capability so that the departure did not impact current business and future operations. Adept was engaged to provide two of its core services:

  • Interim IT Management to deliver the necessary operational support to ensure the existing systems enable the business and to maintain forward momentum on the Diocese’s current IT initiatives
  • IT Strategy and Planning to develop recommendations as to how the Diocese can maintain an effective IT capability going forward

The Adept Interim IT Manager quickly assessed the immediate needs of the Diocese and ensured that their systems continued to operate to their full capability.

Over the next few months, Adept continued to assess the needs of the Diocese and developed recommendations for an appropriate ICT operating model and a transition plan. Once the model and plan were agreed, Adept identified, selected and onboarded a suitable vendor whilst ensuring that current projects were not impacted.


Adept successfully oversaw business continuity and the smooth transition to the new ICT model.

The Diocese now has full control over their ICT systems and has minimised risk while maximising economic and service level benefits to the Diocese.

Adept responded quickly in a time of need. As my Interim IT Manager, Rob Silva provided the leadership I needed to effect change and move the organisation forward; both strategically and operationally.

Joe Thorp, Chief Executive Officer

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