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Shining the Spotlight 2024

Computer Vision and AI products unveiled.

Our expertise is in business and technology leadership, from our time working in CTO functions for our clients, we have seen the demand for AI tools skyrocket. But the current landscape, or even what tools are available right now – are much less understood. 
The general consensus amongst our most intelligent friends and colleagues is as follows:

“Adopting these tools has a huge upside and should be used, BUT, much more discussion on these topics are needed to ensure safe and ethical uses of these technologies.”

For this reason we have unveiled some exciting AI products here, to shine the spotlight on these topics, to help you make informed decisions around AI  Transformations and Uplift Initiatives you may be considering.


  • Jade Philippe – General Manager of Adept Technology
  • Mitchell Stapleton-Coory – Commercial Lead at Overlay
  • Andrew Foote – Chief Strategy Officer at MMAPT Robotics.
  • Dr Adrian Johnston– Head of AI at MMAPT
  • Sean Graham – CTO at Overlay

Why AI?

As we all must be seeing right now, AI is dominating the headlines,

There are tools and systems flooding into the market, but the implementation is meeting resistance and posing many questions.

This event facilitated by Adept Technology, is designed as a thought-leadership style panel discussion by AI and Technology Leaders, focused on answering the questions around and providing an overview of the current landscape in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Computer Vision.

The format is such that attendees have a chance to ask their questions, to the people who can help answer, or in some cases, describe, the ‘WHY’ in taking the leap of implementing solutions in this space.

Speakers include:

  • Jade Philippe – General Manager of Adept Technology
  • Dr Adrian Johnston – Head of AI at MMAPT Robotics & Lecturer in AI at University of Adelaide
  • Dr Dennis Hooijmaijers – CTO, Visionary Technologist, Defence, Science & Research specialist
  • Marina Ritchie – AI Adoption Manager, AI Business Mastery
  • Nikolaos Katsoulidis – Machine Learning Engineer, Working on Autonomous Vehicle Projects in Manufacturing.

Funding Frontier 2024


Often: Entrepreneurs overestimate the validity of the idea

We want to convey an understanding of the really important elements in testing your idea. Once you understand this you will have confidence in your product and the base for getting funds.

The event covered available grants offered in Australia for business.

We discussed what the government looks for when offering grants, a very similar focus is looked at buy investors. What is your value proposition? How to build a compelling argument to support your value proposition.

Knowing what steps to take and validating your ideas being investing too much money into an untenable option.

We took insights from 2 key executives on the pitfalls to avoid and how to access cash in this funding frontier.

Future of Cyber 2023

The future of Cyber event was a fireside conversation with businesses that had faced cyber threats and had been impacted by business disruption.

The event highlighted the impact and response to impact, ways to avoid cyber threats and practical steps businesses can take to help mitigate cyber issues.

Topics discussed included; the essential 8, cyber threat incident and response, where cyber security is heading and compliance with Australian regulations.

We also took guests through a guided tour of a SOC – Secure Operations Centre, where live data showed the actual hacking and cyber threats taking place in real time.

Impact Awards

Recognising & supporting South Australian companies making an IMPACT

Unleashing South Australia’s potential
We believe there is an untapped potential for South Australian businesses to lead and thrive as global leaders across a diverse range of industry sectors.
Elevating world-class companies

 The Impact Awards is a unique initiative led by business leaders, designed to reward exceptional South Australian companies that are truly world-class. We believe that showcasing these globally competitive businesses is crucial for fostering economic prosperity in South Australia.

A program to accelerate success Not just an event, our purpose is centred around supporting today’s ambitious leaders to deliver greater economic impact tomorrow. How? As a foundation for collaboration, we connect the leaders of these outstanding companies with proven South Australian business experts to help accelerate their success.

Defence Sector Plan 2030

Breakfast Event 2021

We have completed many successful engagements within government agencies. Adept Technology is also an active member of the Defence Teaming Centre, which means we can deliver services to meet defence security requirements. 

Our team also understands the complex nature of the health system and can provide IT planning and review capabilities tailored to the health industry. In all industries, we can help with systems to meet your now and future goals.

our capabilities


Our primary clients are in the defence industry, government, technology and health sectors. We help you improve your business strategy by bettering your IT or tech systems.

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