At Adept Technology, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to our client’s needs.

Through our integrated approach we offer both leadership and expertise as we work alongside clients to deliver business value from their initiative or project. We work as true partners, embedded and aligned with our clients to produce high-value, high-impact results.

No two engagements are the same, and we can mix, match and extend our offerings to meet your specific goals. Our most popular services come under four categories:

Project Management and Technical Leadership

We increase certainty and reduce risk by providing a safe pair of hands to deliver your initiative

Project Management
Adept’s project managers are experienced working at all scales in a variety of industries. Whether it’s for a week or a year, starting from the kickoff or rescuing a project in trouble, we have the experience to bring projects in line.
Interim Management

Is your software team, project or organisational structure missing a leader? Need someone to step in until you can fill the role permanently? An Adept interim manager can provide expert leadership and project management, coordinating a smooth handover once a permanent leader is available.

Program and Project Governance and Assurance

Program and project governance is about defining a structured decision making framework to ensure predictable, high-quality project outcomes. Adept project governance increases the repeatability, confidence and predictability of successful outcomes through the development and execution of a tailored project plan.

Adept Project Governance

Vendor Management

Vendor relationships can be complicated. Adept’s vendor management services can handle the entire process from requirements definition and project approval through procurement to final delivery, ensuring that you get the ideal solution and value for money.

Adept Technology prides itself on its independence and on being vendor agnostic, and has the industry experience to ensure optimal outcomes for their clients without conflicts of interest.

Adept Vendor Management

Improve Delivery Methodology and Processes

We optimise your capabilities, methods and framework to consistently deliver successful outcomes
Agile Transformation and Capability Uplift

Agile is an iterative approach to software development that has grown to become a cornerstone of modern project management.

Adept excels in coordinating Agile adoption, implementing it in a phased manner to ensure maximum benefit to the organisation while minimising disruption to day-to-day activities. Our certified Scrum Masters can provide the skills and experience that will equip your team with the tools they need to become an efficient, effective Agile powerhouse.

Adept Agile Scrum Training

Professional Mentoring
When a work environment experiences positive change – the team grows, a new project is launched, or an offering’s scope is expanded – it becomes necessary to uplift the capabilities of existing leadership. An Adept mentor can provide leaders with the tools they need to maximise their chances of success, providing expert support and guidance tailored to meet the client’s needs.

Adept Professional Mentoring

Capability Development

To ensure you have the capability to deliver on your objectives, you need to understand where the capability comes from. This means workforce planning, career advancement plans for your staff, recruitment and redeployment.  Adept is experienced in growing engineering and software organisations, and can help evaluate the current state, build a vision of the future capability and create a plan for how to get there.

Program and Project Management Office Activation

As organisations mature and the scale and scope of activities and projects increases, there are a number of factors that must be addressed:

  • Defining best practice in the new organisational context
  • Overseeing consistent reporting of programs
  • Compliance with new policy

It is also important to provide a pool of project managers and project support staff to act as a repository for organisational knowledge and experience, able to fast-track the activation of new projects within the business and provide consistency and reliability to project delivery. Adept can define the requirements for the program and project management office and help develop the capability and staffing plan as the capability grows.

Reviews and Gap Analysis

We provide peace of mind that your technology strategy or project is set up for success
Gap Analysis/Health Check

An Adept Gap Analysis provides a detailed comparison of actual performance to potential or desired performance and capability, identifying major roadblocks and providing recommendations as to how to best overcome them.

Adept Roadmap Gap Analysis

Project Framework Review

We can review existing frameworks and tools, assessing their suitability and building on existing material to develop a revised framework that will maximise the team’s ability to deliver on project goals.

Software Engineering Process and Capability Review

Adept’s Software Engineering Process and Capability Review is ideal for organisations that are looking into transforming their business offerings or otherwise expanding their capabilities. We assess the requirements of the desired transformation and develop a roadmap providing a practical guide to achieving both short term and long term goals.

Technology Strategy and Roadmaps

We develop strategy, plans and roadmaps that align with business needs to deliver meaningful outcomes
Operational strategy

We can assess your current situation and business goals to develop a practical operational strategy, addressing areas such as:

  • Defining and understanding business models
  • Creating a scalable business structure to support future growth objectives or strategic transformations
  • Expanding service offerings
  • Adapting to market changes
Project Roadmap

We can carry out a detailed analysis of needs and objectives of a new or ongoing project and balance them against the resources and capabilities of the project team, producing a roadmap that outlines the optimal path to achieving project success.

IT Strategy Development

We can develop an IT strategy tailored to meet your organisation’s needs, including:

  • New software implementation
  • Long term IT strategy
  • Independent IT Project/System strategy
  • Supporting business model innovation, acquisitions, mergers or reorganisations

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