Atlassian creates some of the most widely used tools for managing software teams and projects. Jira, Service Desk and Confluence can help you better organise, track and report on your team’s work, while Atlassian provides strong support and a huge user community of expertise to draw on.
Atlassian tools are becoming almost standard in the software development industry, so new hires to your team will often be very familiar with them.
Cloud-based and server-hosted versions are available, both updated regularly to keep your team using the latest in collaboration technology.
with setting up the tools yourself
of using Adept!
  • Atlassian’s tools, while packed with features and options, can be challenging to configure to your business’s workflows, processes and unique characteristics. If not done with a thorough understanding of how the tools are put together, your tool set can quickly become an unmanageable mess.
  • Tool configuration is critical if you want to use them efficiently and make a strong return on your tool investment.
  • Configuring the tools fully can be a lengthy and complicated process for those unfamiliar with the Atlassian architecture. Our consultants know in detail how the tools work “under the hood” and how to match them to your processes, meaning the job is done quickly and efficiently, saving your team time and effort.
  • By working in collaboration with your team, we ensure that knowledge is retained within your organisation, enabling future configuration adjustments to be made in-house.
  • Adept will ensure the tools work together to enable seamless collaboration, rather than as separate tools
  • If you are using other tools and want to import data into the Atlassian products, Adept can assist.
Adept supports the three key tools in the Atlassian portfolio:

  • Jira for managing software development projects
  • Service Desk for managing help desk and support functions
  • Confluence as a wiki-based information management tool
The key to ensuring a great outcome is to set up the tools to make sense to your team and match the way you work – not forcing your team to change to match the tools! This is where Adept’s expertise in software project management plays an important role.
The Configuration project runs if four stages
The Adept consultant first spends time with your teams to understand and map your work processes to the tool features. A mapping document is produced for your review and reference.
The tools are configured and dummy data inserted so you can explore and validate the configuration.
Adept works with you to define a “go live” plan including, if necessary, a plan for migrating data from your old tools..
Adept executes the go-live plan alongside you and is on hand to resolve any questions or issues as your team starts to use the new tools.

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