…Key to your very successful and much appreciated contribution to our team is:

  • You deliver on your promises
  • Flexibility, flipping from task to task, managing the changing demands and priorities
  • Ability to grab a task and run with it
  • Clear and logical thinking
  • Very clear communication
  • Ability to pull together a team and engage them in the process
  • The respect that you show to the people around you
  • Your team work
  • Very good understanding of how the ARTC “system” works
  • Your input to activities based on your extensive experience
  • Ability to listen and hear the message being given
  • Professionalism
  • Dealing with and working through the challenges that have been presented
  • Providing appropriate feedback and seeking support to deliver as required

I look forward to continuing to work with you over this year. The Interstate Commercial & Customer Service team look to deliver some great outcomes for ARTC and its customers over the coming year. Your support to do this, in my book, will be critical to the success of the projects we have on the go.

Jackie Lawrence

Manager Commercial & Contractual Engagement, Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC)

We engaged Adept to review our group’s Asset Access Manual and to benchmark it against other TNSP/DNSP asset access manuals, industry best practice plus relevant industry standards, codes and regulations.

The Adept team came up to speed quickly and delivered what we needed in collaboration with a diverse range of stakeholders. Their independent viewpoint was extremely valuable. They asked pertinent and probing questions to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the context for the work. A particularly important example of this was the way in which they were able to represent complex technical information in an approachable ‘plain English’ way.

Adept exceeded our expectations by delivering superb quality and succinct recommendations. The diligence and time put in to ensure a great outcome was much appreciated. I highly recommended team Adept.

Frank Halman


Thank you to the team at Adept for helping me make this SME solution possible. At all times I had complete certainty that we were on time and on budget to make our first customer delighted. And I don’t have a need to look at adding to my head count. I can continue to confidently gain more customers, and work with Adept when I need to. I can’t describe what a relief it is to have access to such strong capabilities with flexibility to ensure successful SAP Business One implementations for our customers.

Allan Morichaud

Managing Director, Solutions Plus Partnership

Our business is highly specialised—we design & manufacture atmospheric radars for meteorological and research organisations worldwide. As you can imagine, the work & revenue come in bursts. Adept provide me with an ideal solution to a complex problem: we need an experienced Business Development Manager who is available on call. Adept gives me the flexibility & experience I need when I need it. I see them as an ally—a team who understand my constraints, work with me to identify and deliver on opportunities that arise, and get the job done. These guys know how to support a complex, dynamic and variable business like ours, and they always go the extra mile!

Iain Reid


We engaged Adept to provide professional mentoring with the aim of lifting the capability and confidence of one of our key project managers.

After 12 weeks of 1-2 hours mentoring per week, we’ve seen a real uptick in performance – improved client relationships, clearer reporting and a stronger, more confident management style.

We are really pleased with the results. Clients have called recently to commend us on the way our projects are being managed. This is a real turnaround, and achieved with a modest investment over a period of 3 months.

Sam Faulkner


It’s been a pleasure working with adept and I look forward to working more closely with Jill in the future. If we should need your services in the future I will certainly contact you as our experience with adept and working with Jill has been highly favourable.

Alison Milisits

Vili's Bakery

We had of course internal processes to manage complex projects, but the difference Adept made was incredible. Now we know without reservation everything about the project for time, budget and profit. They have made our team and company far more competitive in a very cut-throat business, since they have been with us.”

Greg Steer

Managing Director, Oasis Systems

I started a new business venture 3 years ago, and had some success marketing it in the first 18 months. Not satisfied with our business development results, I asked Adept to review our marketing tactics and provide practical plans to get the sales flowing in. They turned my new business around. They came in a couple of days a week, did the review, provided plans that I could understand and believe. I asked Adept to implement the plans, which they readily agreed to do. In the last 18 months we have tripled our sales and we’re looking forward to more of the same. Easy to work with, insightful, energetic and committed are the words I’d use to describe this team!

Ebor and CellTrack Systems

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