About Us

Who is Adept?

Adept is a professional services company that specialises in accelerating the successful delivery of ICT initiatives and projects.

Founded in 2004, Adept fills a need for experienced, mature and proven leadership with ICT, project and software/product expertise.

Our pragmatic, hands-on approach reduces risk and increases the certainty of a successful technology outcome; especially where there is significant change, growth or tight deadlines.

We work with your team in a flexible and adaptable way to deliver tangible business benefits.

Think of us as part of your team in partnership for success.

Why Adept

We are in the business of

Accelerating the successful delivery of technology outcomes.

Why we exist

To support the sustainability of the ICT economy by redefining success as being normal for technology initiatives.

How we do it

Applying our proven leadership and technical expertise to the goals of the organisation.

The benefit to our clients

Increase the certainty that their technology initiatives will deliver business value while reducing the risk.
“We work as true partners, embedded and aligned with our clients at all times, producing high-impact results.”